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Feel like your spending is out of control? 

Sound familiar?


You make a good income but you're still living paycheck-to-paycheck.

You don't track your spending, although you know you should.

You're perpetually surprised by your high credit card bill.

You know you need to change your spending habits but don't know where to start.


This FREE 3 Day Mini Course will...

  • Uncover areas where you are wasting money and don't even know it.
  • Show you how to take control of the biggest "black hole" in almost everyone's budget. (This can save you $$$!)
  • Restore you to a state of mindful, in-control spending.
“Now I feel in control of my money, instead of it controlling me.”
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Master Your Spending Mini Course

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  • 3 Video Lessons (10 minutes each)
  • 3 Worksheets to Apply the Lessons to YOUR financial situation
  • BONUS Master Your Spending Budget Worksheet
  • BONUS 70-page e-book, Mindful Meal Planning: Save Time, Money & Stress!

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